Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics - Opening Ceremonies

The world of sports is buzzing with excitement. 08-08-08 was the beginning of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. I am not a huge fan of sports, but whenever the Olympics come around, you'd think otherwise. From the start of the opening ceremonies, to the conclusion of the 17 day event, I am glued to the TV, watching every moment of every competition that I can watch. This year is no different. My son, although just 18 months old, watched some of the opening ceremonies with me Friday night...and was late going to bed by an hour. lol It was amazing to share the excitement with him. He doesn't realize what's going on, but his eyes just lit up when the fireworks lit up the night sky in Beijing.

The opening ceremonies this time were just spectacular!! The 2008 drummers in the beginning (my son's favorite part) were mind boggling. And the 2008 (noticed how they used 2008 performers for each segment?) martial arts masters were completely in sync with each other, making for a breathtaking show. Another part I really enjoyed was watching the performers use their bodies to "paint" on a scroll!! What a sight!! The highlight, as it always is, was watching the lighting of the torch. Li Ning, a former Chinese Gymnastics star, was lifted in the air and "ran" sideways around a screen at going around the top of the North Stadium.

Another highlight for me during this opening ceremony was when the Chinese team walked in. Yao Ming, a star basketball player, lead the Chinese team into the stadium and beside him was the cutest little boy. At first, I assumed it was his son, but while listening to the commentary, I found out he was actually a survivor of the horrific earthquake that happened back in May. He is "nine-year-old Lin Hao, a pupil from the area of China's Sichuan province hit by an earthquake who helped to rescue his classmates from the rubble of their school." ( This little boy was soo adorable and such an inspiration!!

The opening ceremonies have come and gone, but the compeitions are well under way. I'm currently watching the women's 4 x 4 relay and the Americans just took second place. I'll be watching evey night...with many more Olympic blog posts to come. :-)



Blue & White Wear said...

Olympics are off to a great start!

Sherryl said...

Like the rest of the USA, GO TEAMS. The kids and I are up most of the night so far and I was up all night. Caught the game (basketball) this morning, while starting my dinner. Keep us posted on the going on's.