Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics - Day Three

Another day, a whole lot more medals. Here is my take on what I watched.
Women's Preliminary Beach Volleyball - Walsh/May-Treanor (United States) vs Fernandez Grasset/Larrea Peraza (Cuba)

This beach volleyball game ended almost as soon as it started. The Americans crushed the Cubans in a mere 36 minutes!! Walsh/May-Treanor are always a fun team to watch. They dive for the ball with such determination and some of the plays are totally thrilling. These ladies are also unstoppable, having now one 103 games in a row! Completely unheard of in beach volleyball. I definitely see this team clenching the gold medal, thus defending their title.

Men's Team Final - Gymnastics

After both Paul and Morgan Hamm had to drop out of the Olympics due to injuries, many people didn't think the Americans stood a chance in medaling. Well, that's all these boys needed to fuel their fire. The Americans blew everyone away with such spectacular and clean performances that they managed to take home the bronze medal. This was a very deserved medal for the guys who, led by Jonathan Horton, kept the Chinese men on their toes all night. At one point, about halfway during the rotations, the Americans were actually leading. I loved watching the guys celebrate after winning the bronze medal. They didn't look upset at all about not getting the gold, but they sure did party like they did. Congrats boys!!

Men's 200m Freestyle Final - Michael Phelps, gold medal

What would a day be like where Michael Phelps didn't win a gold medal? Or set a new world record? Well, so far he has done just that every day of these Olympics. This time, he won it in the same event that he took home bronze while in Athens. This time he takes the gold and a new world record. Winning this event, Michael is now tied with some of the greats - Carl Lewis, Larysa Latynina, Mark Spitz - for the most gold medals. His biggest goal right now is to continue winning gold medals (8 in total) to take down the record set by Mark Spitz in the 1972 Munich Games (7 gold medals). Michael has 2 races tonight, the 200 butterfly and the 800 free relay, in which he is the heavy favorite to win in both. Best of luck Michael!

Ta-Ta for now folks! Be sure to keep checking back everyday for my take on the Olympics.