Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Disney Vacation!!

Well, I think it's about time I update my blog. Been almost 2 weeks since I got home from Disney World. So here goes...
My mom, my 17 month old son Evan, and I drove up to Orlando to visit my brother and sister. We stayed 4 days and had a great time! We stayed at my brother's new house with his roommate, Quinn. The house was amazing!! A typical bachelor pad, but the neighborhood looked like a really nice family neighborhood, the kind of place where you'd want to raise a family. On Monday, we went to Downtown Disney. We spent a couple of hours going through all the shops and then had dinner back at my sister and her boyfriend's apartment. Poor Evan spent his second night in a row staying up waay past his bedtime. On Tuesday, we had planned on being at Disney at 9 am when it opened, but we woke up late and didn't get there till 11 am. It was hot and crowd, but we're old Disney pros, so we knew how to handle it. lol I expected Evan to be just crazy - running around, grabbing onto everything, just getting into any kind of trouble that he could. Well, to my shock and surprise, he was a perfect angel!! He never once complained about being in his stroller and even took a nap!! Course, he fell asleep while waiting in line for "It's a Small World" and then slept through the whole thing! My sister, Mom and I had to endure the ride for the bazillionth time in our life. lol Evan loved Cinderella's Carousal and the Pooh Bear ride. And when he saw Mickey Mouse, he smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen on him! Ok, I'm a Pooh Bear fan myself and I even have his room decorated in all Pooh. Well, the first time he saw Mickey on TV, that was it. He was hooked! It's been everything Mickey since then. Seeing Evan's face light up when he saw Mickey and Minnie standing there waiting for him definitely made my day. It was the highlight of the entire trip. Course, after that it decided to rain, so we left early. We actually decided to go to dinner at Bongo's in Downtown Disney. All I'm going to say is that it wasn't the best place to eat in the world. I'm a Cuban and I didn't enjoy their version of Cuban food at all. Ok, enough dissing. lol My brother and his gf, my sister and her bf, and I all went back to the Magic Kingdom after dinner to watch the fireworks (which were amazing!!) and go on some of the rides. We watched the Spectro Magic Parade and Cinderella waved to me!! (I'm the biggest Cinderella freak ever!! lol) And then the Prince blew me a kiss!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. lol Anyways, the next day we spent 6 1/2 hours at Ikea. Evan was a little cranky that did, but at least he took a nap in the shopping cart! And the next day we drove home. :-( All in all, we had a great time and were exhausted by the time we got home.


tattytiara said...

What cute photos! Such a handsome lil guy. Your background is lovely, by the way.