Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics - Day Two

Day Two of the Olympics and what a day it was!! Lots of excitement! Here's my take on the events I watched today.
Men's Preliminary Basketball - United States vs China

I've never been a huge fan of basketball until this past season's finals, with the Lakers and the Celtics. My boyfriend, Robert, got me totally hooked on the sport, so when I saw that this game was on, I couldn't miss it! Nor could I miss the 7 ft, 6 in tall Yao Ming. Damn! That is one tall man! The game was quickly claimed by the Americans,with a final score of 101 to 70. The game was a huge loss for China, who have been buzzing about this game ever since Beijing was announced the host country.

Women's Qualification Gymnastics

Women's Gymnastics is one of my favorite events to watch. The tumbling, the flying through the air, all the hair glitter, I just love every aspect of it. This year's team is being led by 16 year old, Shawn Johnson. An unfortunate ankle injury kept one of their gymnasts on the sidelines, but the girls still did a fabulous job representing Team USA. A couple little mistakes on the floor exercise and uneven bars, but all in all, very strong performances from all the girl.

Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Final - America, Gold Medal

Oh. My. God. This was literally, the most incredible race I have ever seen. That most people have seen, I think. Before the start of the race, the French team, who were favored to win this race, talked some smack about the American team, saying, "We are going to smash the Americans. That's what we came here for". During the race, especially after the last turn, I thought America was going to take the silver medal. But in the last 30 or so meters, Jason Lezak got an extra burst of energy and "smashed" the French. Michael Phelps' and Garret Weber-Gale's reaction to the win was just priceless!! Yelling and jumping into the air like 2 wild beasts. A well deserved and amazing win for the Americans. Michael Phelps continues his quest of getting 8 Gold Medals.

That's all from me today!! Sweet dreams everyone...until tomorrow...



Anna said...

Great recap. I only watch some of the Olympics, but this summarized everything for me.

I missed the gymnastics, which is my favorite, but I'll definitely be watching when they're in the finals. I caught the end of the swim race when they got their medals. The Olympics are so exciting. :)

shannon said...

I saw the gymnastics on both days. *loves it* China's team was so amazing too!