Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics - Day One

The 2008 Beijing Olympics started of with a bang!! I have been watching as many events as I can and everyday, I'll make a post about the events I watched that day, starting with Day One, August 9.
Women's Preliminary Volleyball - Japan vs United States

The first event I watched was the first game for the US Women's volleyball team. It was a close game, but the US team took the win. They won 3 sets to Japan's 1 set, with an end result of 95 to 85. Very exciting game that my son enjoyed while eating french toast and eggs for breakfast. :-)

Women's Individual Sabre - JACOBSON Sada (USA) vs ZAGUNIS Mariel (USA)

Yes, that does say USA vs USA. This was the Gold Medal Match and it came down to 2 Americans. I don't really understand this sport much, but it was interesting to watch. Mariel Zagunis was able to defend her Gold Medal from Athens by winning this match.

Women's Preliminary Beach Volleyball - Walsh/May-Treanor (United States) vs Teru Saiki/Kusuhara (Japan)

During the Athens Olympics, this dynamic duo was unstoppable!! Since then, they have gone on to win 101 games in a row!! And, like those other games, these girls won this one as well!! They played on, despite the light rain and humid conditions. I look forward to these ladies winning gold again.

Men's 400m Individual Medley Final - Michael Phelps, Gold Medal

Michael Phelps is off to a good start, winning his first of (hopefully) 8 gold medals. During this race, he also set a new world record, 4:03:84. This was one of Michael's hardest races and he made it seem like a piece of cake. I can't wait for Michael's 7 other races and watching him win gold in all of them!!

Men's Qualifying Gymnastics

I didn't get to watch much of this event (unfortunately) because I was driving home from work when they started. From what I did see, the US Men's Gymnastics team is off to a great start! Always an exhilarating sport to watch, this year's US team is made up of all Olympic-newbies, but they all seemed like old pros.

Well, that's all I watched on Saturday. A fantastic start to what will be a phenomenal Summer Olympics! Keep checking back every evening for a new blog post about that day's event.