Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just 3 months left!!

That's right!! Today is exactly 3 months until Christmas morning! Where the heck did this year go? It seems like I was just planning my son's 1st birthday party (his b-day is January 24) and now I'm already stocking up his Christmas pile and planning his 2nd b-day party!! This year, I'm going to try not to go as overboard as I did last year for Evan's 1st Christmas. He got sooo many toys from me, his Grandparents, and his 6 aunts and 7 uncles. I've already got a bunch of clothes and books for Evan, and a couple Mickey Mouse movies. For myself, I'm asking Santa for an IPod, new clothes, some scrapbooking supplies, and some books.

I'm also planning on doing alot of my Christmas shopping on Etsy this year. I've got quite a few things in my "favorites" that are perfect for Evan, my brother and sister, and my parents. If you are planning on shopping mostly on Etsy this year, may I make a few suggestions? :-) I'm planning on adding a whole bunch of new items to both my shops in the coming weeks.

In Gifts, Etc., you can find all sorts of Christmas cards and gift tags. Don't see something you want? Feel free to send me a convo or leave me a message here about a custom order. While you're there, be sure to pick up some Thank you card sets (coming soon!!).

In Skincandy, you will find an array of beautiful handmade jewelry using everything from Swarovski Crystals to semi-precious stones. I also love taking custom orders in this shop as well. Also available, fun and festive Christmas jewelry!!

Be sure to stop by both shops every Saturday. I will be running a SNS, or Saturday Night Special, every Saturday from 5pm till midnight. Pick up some great deals on Saturdays!!

Another great place to shop, is from the Rockin' BnR list!! Right now, we have 29 fabulous shops on the list!! These shops sell some amazing items that would make great Christmas presents. And from now until Sunday, we are running this special:

*****ROCKIN' BnR!!*****
September 21 - September 28

Want to make more than 1 sale from this list? Here's how!!

* Make a purchase of $10 or more in any of the shops and get x2 by your name. You'll get 2 sales before getting kicked off.
* Make a purchase of $20 or more in any of the shops and get x3 by your name. You'll get 3 sales before getting kicked off.

To get to the Rockin' BnR, click follow this link...

Wherever you choose to shop this year, just remember to have fun and try not to stress out too much. After all, Christmas is all about giving and family. And let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas...CHRISTmas. Remember to say Happy Birthday to Jesus this Christmas.

Happy Shopping!!


Brandon said...

Thanks for that! I love the Halloween count down and music!

kim* said...

yeah i am skipping the other holidays for the most part and going right to Christmas because it is such a great holiday

Paper Girl Productions said...

oo yes I'm totally shopping etsy for holiday gifts!! I'm already doing my Holiday Gift Guide over at my blog and website! LOVE Christmas!!! xo