Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy (belated) Halloween everyone!! Yesterday was just too crazy a day to get online and blog. It seemed like I was doing something the whole day! Let's see...

8 am - Woke up, had breakfast, got Evan in costume
9:30 am - Halloween costume parade at my Mom's preschool
10:30 am - Took Evan to my job to show him off in his costume
11:30 am - Back to the preschool for the Halloween party
12:45 pm - Took Evan to my old job to show him off there
1:30 pm - Went to get Evan's Halloween photos taken
3:00 pm - Evan's nap!! Course, I had a bunch to do, so no nap for me.
6:30 pm - Had to actually wake Evan up from his nap!
7:00 pm - Trick or treating!!
10:00 pm - Went to a club with friends for dancing and drinks
4:00 am - Bedtime!!

Trick or treating was soo much fun with Evan. We went around our neighborhood for about 2 hours. Evan was such a trooper, walking the whole way with his basket full of candy. After we got home and my mom got him ready for bed, I went to do some trick or treating of my own. lol I went out to a club with some friends. I don't really ever go to this particular club and I know why now. The cover was $20!! Grrr....Oh, and the music was terrible. The DJ tried to a do a remix of "Thriller" (a staple Halloween song) and he totally messed it up. I think I'll stick to the club I go to every weekend.

Oh, I ended up changing my costume. I was going to be Minnie Mouse to match Evan's Mickey Mouse costume, but when I changed his to a mechanic (he didn't like the MM costume), I decided to go as a Moulin Rouge dancer. No lie, I looked hott!! lol I'll post pics of me later this weekend when I get them from my friend. In the meantime, enjoy these pics of Evan. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

those pictures are so cute of evan :)

pinkrosesglass said...

Katie, Evan is SO CUTE!

rajshree said...

Nice collection of pictures